Am I Legally adding a real event to my game?

There’s is a town named Holtville, and every year there is a festival to celebrate for some reason. As far as I know, the “Carrot Festival” is a Holtville exclusive and I’m worried that they basically own the event.

What I want to do is to have an area in my 2d game which is heavily inspired by the festival, the back ground will be very similar to the festival and some parts of the actual town.

Under these conditions, am I allowed to use the festival theme and look and possibly Holtville’s name without doing anything illegal? I know this has an obvious answer but I’m a young teen that doesn’t know much stuff

This is not a Unity question. We cant answer legal issues here.

I think at the very worst end of things, you’d probably incur a fee similar to what you would pay if you were ‘Shooting a film on location’ in an area controlled by some Council or District Office. There are probably a million ways to get around this if you must. But in my eyes its akin to creating a scale model or something. Its just a representation, unless you are rendering it with actual photographs. Also, think of ownership. Public domain is public domain.