Am I miss using: application.loadlevel(x);

Hello, I’m having a hard time understanding how to as a beginner put my game together.
So far all the tutorials are either to far advanced, or they use java script, where I’m just focusing on C# right now, I don’t want to learn 2 lang, and C# is more natural for me, since I’m trained in the basics of VBA for user form macro’s.

So I’ll just describe in a nut shell what scene’s I have and what I set them to do.
scene 0: title screen, with gui button, start game, options, and quit.
scene 1: character creation, this is where you will create your character and set its base parameters. with a game object that holds a script containing nothing but the final base parameters to be made a child in other game scenes for loading those base stats.
several other game objects with the base stat modifiers based on conditions, like buff, DE buff, fatigue, enraged, racial fear/hatred, weapon proficiency, armor proficiency.
these will be instantiate and destroyed as needed.
scene 2: main menu, will save/load game, have in game option settings, an encyclopedia of game objects, a help menu, game map tab, quest tab, stats, level up, everything the game has for displaying game data here.
scene 3: main starting area, you can switch from top down to First person, and drop buildings on map somewhat like a SimCity object placement, and you can enter each building with a door from first person.
scene 4: building internals, this scene will load the environment based on which type of building you entered, is it a store, or inn, or home.

now that you know what I’m doing, my problem is, I can as intended go from location to location, but my character location in the world is always going back to the default starting spot, the buildings I drop do not exist when coming back to that scene, the character stats are reset to default when swapping scenes, and they only exist in the character creation scene.

Can someone please help me understand what I should be doing to make this work?
Thank you very much.

You can find a lot of information about saving things in Unity by searching for the terms alucardj posted.

For PlayPrefs (my favorite), check here: Unity - Scripting API: PlayerPrefs

Good info on “DontDestroyOnLoad” can be found here: How to keep certain information when reloading a level - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

All variables are stored in scripts attached to objects in scene. If you load a scene, all are reseted to normal. You have to save stats and all other info and then load them when you load the scene.