Am I supposed to answer questions here in order for mine to be answered?

I am impressed how I can post any question here and get great answers, but I feel like this is very one sided for me. Is there any benefit to answering questions, or like a points system that I should be aware of? I’m still somewhat a noob, but at some point, I feel like I should be answering questions too.

Check out the FAQ. Basically you get reputation (or karma) when someone upvote you or accept your answer as the correct one. I believe you also get a little rep when you accept an answer.

With higher rep you will gain access to more community tools, and when you reach 10k reputation you’re practically a moderator. Check the FAQ, all the different perks and their required rep level are listed there.

Answer questions if you feel you have some insight to them. If you don’t know the solution for it, you could always try find it yourself via google or the reference documents. I do this regulary if there is a question I don’t know the exact answer to. It helps me keep in shape and I learn stuff I might otherwise overlook. Don’t be afraid of answering questions. If you’re getting a lot of downvotes it probably means you either didn’t understand the question or that you were wrong. This is in itself a good thing for your own learning since you will be notified you were wrong about something you assumed you were right about, so you can improve.

There’s the Karma (which you get when someone gives you a positive vote, and lose when someone gives you a negative vote) and there are Badges (which are quite similar to achievements in games - you get them for various arbitrary reasons such as editing a post or having more than X views of your question) but there’s no real immediate benefit to them (hidden benefit could be, for instance, your potential employer may look at your Karma/badges to gauge how knowledgeable about Unity you are).

Besides that, answering questions is a great way to learn for yourself, and a good reference for the future in case you forget something yourself. :slight_smile:

Members of the community are happy to help: this site is good because there’s a continue exchange of knowledge among its users. It could seems strange, but sometimes I’ve learned something new answering other people’s questions: if I give you an answer, you let me think about that particural argument, and I feel motivated in increase my knoledge about that. Or, simply, I’m getting “involved” into that question, and I have the possibility to read other solutions, maybe better than mine.

So, the answers is: no, feel free to ask here. Questions are a good thing for everyone. And, if that’s not, and your questions are stupid, you begin to collect downvotes. Moreover, if you want to help others, you’re always in time.

P.S.: There are also users who have posted more questions than you, so don’t worry! =D