Am I using MoveTowards and MovePosition wrong?

Vector2 inputDirection = input.normalized * 5f;
Vector2 moveDirection = rb.position + inputDirection;
Vector2 move = Vector2.MoveTowards(rb.position, moveDirection, 10f * Time.deltaTime);

My intention is to move a game object a specific amount of Unity units at a specific speed, in the direction of the 8-way input movement on a controller or keyboard.

With this code, I thought I was taking the movement input and adding 5 Unity units onto the direction and then moving the game object’s rigidbody2D to that point with a speed of 10 (or whatever I want).

But, adding a distance onto the input direction doesn’t do anything. Only changing the speed in MoveTowards changes the distance that the game object moves. What am I misunderstanding about how these two functions work, or interact with each other?

I would need a little bit of context, is that code in the update? but yes, you are missunderstanding how movetowards. let me explain:

the second parameter from MoveTowards is not a direction, is a position, what movetowards is doing is moving from 1 position (rb.position) in the direction towards the second position (moveDirection) by x amount (10 * Time.deltaTime).

what you should be doing if I understood you, is this:

Vector2 targetPosition;
void UpdateTheTargetPosition()
  Vector2 inputDirection =  input.normalized * 5f;
  targetPosition = rb.position + inputDirection;

void FixedUpdate()
  Vector2 move = Vector2.MoveTowards(rb.position, targetPosition, speed);//change speed for whatever float value, the higher the faster the "step" towards targetPosition