Amazon AWS SimpleDB Credentials

Does anyone know how to add the AWS credentials to an existing Unity project?

I can create a new AWS project in Visual studio and it asks me to enter the access key and secret ID and everything works perfectly, but there is no way for me to access that credentials screen in my existing unity project for some reason.

I have tried adding an app.config file and pointing it to a credentials file which holds the key but it keeps giving me the same error “AmazonServiceException: Unable to find credentials”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’ve been going around in circles for hours and it has been driving me crazy. I did a bunch of tutorials on Amazon SimpleDB and they all started with a new project and everything goes super smoothly and I thought this would be great for storing my games data. I’d hate for all this effort to go to waste because there’s no way to enter credentials in an existing project…

Sorry for the blab, feeling super frustrated.

If anyone can help I’ll love you long time.

If anyone else runs into this…

I ended up using the AWS CLI to enter the credentials which seemed to work: