Ambient Intensity not working

Hello everyone.

So I just updated to Unity 5.5, and so far I like it, except for one thing. I had a scene for my mobile game perfectly baked after a shit ton of tweaking, and when I installed Unity 5.5, it seemed to stay. But then I realized that I had the PC, Mac, and Linux platform selected, so logically, I switched the platform to Android. This is when everything broke.

My scene became very dark for some reason, and I just figured it was because I changed platforms. So, I cleared the Baked data, and rebaked the scene. To my surprise, the scene was verk dark and just barely lit for some reason. So, I changed Ambient Light intensity to 8, and Indirect Intensity under the “Bake GI” to the highest it could go. To an even bigger surprise, the scene had literally no change in brightness. My whole scene has no other active lights in it at all. It does have an unactivated light that I dragged into the “Sun” slot, but it isnt activated. I am relying 100% on Unity’s ambient light. I can tell the scene is being lit up a tiny bit because nothing is fully black, but I find it weird that when the ambient intensity is at 8, these is no different from when it was at 3.

What the heck is the problem?

Are you using a custom procedural sky shader?
I just had this problem today: I had downloaded and slighly modified the procedural sky shader.
I changed the culling from OFF to FRONT. It worked fine until I rebuilt the project in a diferent computer, then the GI was missing.
Try to change your skybox material’s shader to the default Skybox/Procedural to see if it fixes the problem or create a new skybox material from scratch and select the builtin Skybox/Procedural shader and put it in the environment lighting source.
I think the devs changed something about the GI in this release and it can break in some custom setups.

We have the same problem and it seems that is a bug that happen again in unity 5.5.0f3, if you build the game it should be fine. anyway they fix it today in a patch

This is the bug info Unity Issue Tracker - [Mobile] Light does reflect off of static objects when Baked GI is used with mobile platforms on the Editor

I hope it fix also your problem !