ambient lighting of the shader

Hey, Im having an issue with the ambient lighting in general.
The ambient lighting of the shader seems to be very dark (no matter if baking or not) and I can’t figure out how to control it. The HDRI sky seems to have a very minor effect but the normal map shadowing and just general shadowed shading from the materials stay very much black.

I tried about everything related to the Sky and lighting and shadowing options, in classic unity it was very easy to change the ambient lighting in the lighting tab, but I just cant make it work.
In older HDRP versions you kinda had to bake the sky somehow with some extra override in the volume but this dosnt seem to exist anymore. Increasing exposure in HDRI sky even to extreme levels leaves the shadowing black but just overblows the rest. The gradient sky dosnt seem to do much in general.

I 'll attach a couple of screenshots so you can get an idea and let me know what you think.
Does anyone have an idea?

Solved it. You can control it only after baking through indirect lighting controller and in my case (since I tried it before posting the original thread) I tried it again only this time I cranked up the Indirect Diffuse Intensity in order to show the difference.