AMD RYZEN 1800X or Intel i7 7700K?

Dear Community,
I have a trouble with choosing a right CPU for programming in Unity 3D. Does the engine perform better on higher single or multi core score? Ryzen is better when it comes to multi core performance and i7 7700K offers better single core performance. I really appreciate your help.

“Programming in Unity” mostly involves editing code with a text editor. You can do it on a 5yr old Pentium CPU just fine.

I am no professional at how exactly Unity works. However, I purchased the 1800X and Asus x370 Prime-Pro after my desktop computer started lagging on Unity. Expecially on editing objects. I can say, since I installed the 1800X, it has not lagged at all. It loads projects really fast, including all the assets. It’s around twice as fast in everything inside Unity 3D compared to the i7 7500U CPU I was using in my laptop.