Amnesia like objects, in unity.

hey, for my game (Lights Descendent: Undertaking) i want to add a sort of manipulation system where i can push, pull and throw things against walls. iv’e been looking for a while for a place to start but i can’t seem to find a way. if you could post some answers like how id go about doing this script it would be much appreciated. thanks in advance.

to be clear I’m not looking for a script I’m just looking for some methods in how i would go about doing it. Thanks.

im somewhat new to unity, but i have managed to make a crappy-ish, BUT working alright, version on javascript of the amnesia/penumbra way of pulling drawers, doors, and cabinets and such. ever since i started unity a month or so ago, i’ve been trying to do that and i just got it yesterday, if you give me your email or something i can record what i’ve done on my itouch or something and send it to you so you can see what i’ve done and if you want to do what i’ve done i can help you with that.

for pulling, make a basic rectangle door like cube, make a hinge joint, make the Y AXIS. NOT POSITION AXIS 90 and the standard X 0, then proceed to make it on the left or right side of the cube, then use unity’s prefab whatever drag rigidbody script, play around with the forces, springs, etc. then you can pull around the door/cabinet/drawer somewhat like amnesia/penumbra

this might help