An array of own classes filled in the object inspector

Hi guys, I got a question again,

I would like to know how or if you can fill an array of own classes in
the object inspector.

I got some classes, basically working like that:

class A{…}
class B : A{…}
class C : A{…}
and so on…

I then added public A Spellliste into the code for my gameobject.

I would like to add something like that:


My problem is, that I could fill the array with objects of A, but not with objects of B or C, even though they could be added via code.

Is there any way to work arround that problem?

thanks for any help!

I’m not sure I understand you 100%, but if this is what you’re trying to do, you could use something like the following (haven’t tested this code, just from memory):

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic; // necessary for lists

public class Container : Monobehaviour
    public List<ClassA> listA = new List<ClassA>();
    public List<ClassB> listB = new List<ClassB>();

    void Start()
       listA.Add(new ClassA());
       listB.Add(new ClassB());


public class ClassA
   //foo bar baz qux type stuff
public class ClassB