An issue where the animation(animator) slows down and stops completely.

We are making/services slot machine games
Due to the nature of the slot machine, once the game is run, the machine is running for a very long time (365 days).

Many of the machines currently in service use loop animation using animator on the main screen.
If the machine is left unattended for a long time, the animation gradually slows down and stops completely.

When using loop animation using Animator
If the animation of the same motion is played repeatedly for a long time without reset (more than 5 days) It was confirmed that the animation gradually slowed down and then stopped completely.

This is an issue that was raised in previous forums
We are having the exact same issue.

This is an issue that occurs on machines that are currently being serviced in various regions in Asia.
This is a very important issue for us.
How can I solve this problem?

(This was confirmed a while ago, but this issue is the same for skeleton animation.)

Unity version 2019.4.16f1

If this is because of floating precision and how Time.deltaTime works than most likely isn’t something that can be fix easily (from Unity side). Why don’t you reset the animation each 100 loops, lets say? Use a Coroutine and System.Time and when the times that it takes for the animation to make x loops passes, play the animation again (thus like this the internal values used by the animator will reset)