An object reference is required to access non static member UnityEngine.Transform.eulerAngles

public Vector3 MoveVector { get; set; }

public void Update{

// a bunch of other stuff blah blah

void AlignCharacterWithCamera(){

	if (MoveVector.x != 0 || MoveVector.z != 0) {

		transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler (Transform.eulerAngles.x, Camera.main.transform.eulerAngles.y, transform.eulerAngles.z);


What is wrong with this? I have example someone else code exactly who had a working example but perhaps it is legacy syntax.
“An object is required for a non-static field method.”
Why does it work for someone else, and not for me, is this a Unity version change?
**To answer my question please be very explicit in what I need to change, showing me the example of code for the change, vague and indirect, patronising hints will be ignored. (if you are a pompous know-it-all just go away from this question now)
[other notes]
This is within the function Update. This is my Motor script for my character.
MoveVector has been declared at the beginning of the class, with

public Vector3 MoveVector { get; set; }

And this is what the error is talking about, not having a .get. How is my syntax wrong?

transform.eulerAngles.x not Transform.eulerAngles.x

this mistakes happen all the time ^.^