An unexpected physics behavior

It's a very simple case. I have a floor object on top of which stands a ball. I'd like to be able to control the slope of the floor with mouse/game controller, so that the ball moves in any direction, based on the slope. That's easy.

The problem is that when I move the mouse quite sharply, the ball, instead of bouncing or going in any direction, as a physical ball would, literally "goes through" the floor, and falls into the nothingness. If I slowly tilt the floor, things go as expected - the balls gets moving in a direction.

Now, what am I doing wrong ?

well, you can check if all your objects that the ball touch are kinematic another solution could be by scripting, check if it collides with something, and if it do, check that the ball does not intersect , if it does move the ball to the point that just touch the object and does not intersect

hope this helps

Set the collision detection on the ball's rigidbody to Continuous Dynamic. You can do it from script or in the Inspector.

What happens is that your ball is on top of the floor one frame and below it the next frame without having actually touched it, and therefore without registering a collision. Continuous dynamic collision detection prevents this from happening, but can be a hit to performanance.

Other fixes are to increase the width of your floor's collider or to decrease the physics timestep in the Time manager.