An update from the FPS Sample team

Hello happy FPS Sample hackers,

I wanted to give a quick update in the wake Unite LA and our first release.

  1. A big Thank You to everyone who is trying out the project and talking about it here in the forum. We have everything from silly LFS mistakes (still trips me up sometimes) to great questions and profound ideas that will all help to shape the project going forward.
    In particular it has been good to read about interesting 'finds' in the project, ideas that are useful or things you could adapt for your own projects.
    It is also great to see everyone being quick to share 'known gotchas', helping new folks getting past the unboxing bumps.

  2. I have added a 'who-is-who' section to the sticky note in the forum. Just so you know who is behind the names.

  3. We are now cleared to take patches / bugfixes as they are covered by the Unity Contribution Agreement (further clearified by the file in next release). The best way to submit a fix is to create a Pull Request. Note, that accepted PRs are not actually merged into the github repo, but merged into our internal repo and then pushed to github on the next release. We already grabbed some PRs and they will be part of the upcoming patch release. Thanks for contributing.

  4. Regarding bugs/issues: we will be using the github issue tracker. Still feeling our way ahead here a bit, but for now we go like this: if you think it is a Unity bug, use the normal issue submission tool in Unity. If you think it is a bug in FPS Sample log it in github issues.

  5. Next release will be a very small patch-release just addressing a few bugs and adding a bit more documentation. It should land in a few days.

  6. The next 'real' release should be coming in a 'weeks-not-months' timeframe. We want the releases to fairly frequent and the plan is to incorporate a mix of foundational things (optimizations, structural changes, cleanup) and features (the fun stuff!) in every release.


Peter / the FPS Sample team


Hi and thank you for the hard work! :slight_smile:

Is there any chance that we can get the project without having to use git? A torrent file, maybe?

My intentions are not to directly contribute to the project, so I won’t “push” anything in it; I just want to take a llok at it and study it in order to learn more about Unity, the ECS scripting and so on.

Thank you for reading this. :slight_smile:

Very cool! Thanks!
Will you be using the Unity.Networking.Transport instead of the custom Experimental.Multiplayer package?

The package we have is indeed an early version of the Unity.NetworkingTransport. We will be switching to an official version most likely already at our next release.

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Is there any chance that we can get the project without having to use git? A torrent file, maybe?

Is there any chance that we can get the project without having to use git? A torrent file, maybe?
The question is why wouldn't you want to use git. You can use git to download and it lets you patch the project without a hassle at all unlike a torrent would

I have bad memories of git screwing up my Windows and having to re-install said Windows because of that. I have no idea what happened but I don’t want to take that risk again.

My Windows has been stable for almost two years now; I want to keep it that way. :slight_smile:

@ you could try the gitzip chrome/firefox plugin to download folders instead of the whole master file. I went into some detail on trying to get that to work here:

gl hf

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