Analytics Beta, Timer and Data view

  1. How would you do the Timer from OnEnable to OnDisable on a gameobject in Analytics BETA.

  2. Also how to setup a data Explorer report for this? I believe its a metric instead of an event but couldn't find a way to do custom metrics. Scenario is: I have lots of gameobjects with different names, So I need to group by Gameobjectname (Parameter 1) and then get/(view in nice form) data for how much time each gameobject is active for.

Can you be more specific? We don’t have a built-in timer component for Unity Analytics beta. Do you already have the time values and object names?

Yes i can run an enum from start to finish for time,
object names aren't specific and can change [is user defined]. (but there will be multiple calls with same object name) . I would like to see avg time of different objects grouped by same name.


for example something like this,(below)? but what would be a good way to see this data in data explorer. Data explorer shows data on the number of times the event is called plotted on days but I want to change that and view time taken plotted by Objectname. Or is there better way to do this? Hope that makes sense. Let me know

Dictionary parameters = new Dictionary()
{ "ObjectName", name},
{ "Time", time },

I don't think the built in reports would provide this information. But we will have a data connector soon that will allow SQL queries, hopefully later in Q1. One question you want to ask, what game design changes do you anticipate making with the analysis of the data? If the data is not actionable, that would be a consideration.

Thanks Jeff, we want to track the amount of time a person spends on each type of object. [ I mentioned object is user defined, what I meant was there is pool of objects which will keep getting added on by developers with different names]
That'll definitely help us get on if end users are getting stuck on some particular object.

I'll keep an eye on for what data connector does, Please let know if there's info out yet. In the mean time, would there be a way to get a sample raw export of data to see what it looks like (for example if its jsons, csv etc.) so we may consider building our own dashboard and may look into getting unity pro later to query this raw data export API if I understand it right

Also I'm either considering grafana or unity itself to build the dashboard out of this, have you come across any other good visualising methods? any ideas if grafana may work well with the provided raw export.

Not at this time, but is a feature we are working on. Raw Data Export is for legacy Analytics and will likely be turned off for new projects soon. Any new projects should use the beta

So for now if raw export in beta is not possible and with a limited inbuilt data explorer dashboard, there's no way to do things like this(below) from the collected data till the release of data connector.

I noticed funnels dashboard came somewhere close but that has been pushed in legacy as well..

Correct, as mentioned.