Analytics: Level starts

Hey all,

I’m a bit of a noob what comes to analytics. I’d like to send an event every time a user loads a scene to see how far people progress in the game and what levels are restarted the most (= are the most difficult ones).

I’m not exactly sure what type of CustomEvent I should send on scene start and how to see the data in a progressive chart form in the Unity Analytics dashboard (does it need a manually created funnel?)

I had this previously but it probably doesn’t make any sense:
Analytics.CustomEvent("levelStart", new Dictionary { { "episodeID", GenericInformation.currentEpisodeID }, { "levelID", GenericInformation.currentLevelID }});

I’m now realizing that I should probably use Application.loadedLevelName if possible, since all my levels are named in form of “Episode # Level #”

Thanks for the help!

@Erikoinen Additionally, If your game has levels and level based highscores as I assume, you could also use that to decide what custom event to send. If currentLevel.highscore==0, customEvent:“levelStart”, else send customEvent:“replay”.

I haven’t used the Unity Analytics itself, but one tip for ID is to use 001/010/100 format, other platforms have had nasty way to break the chart when ID’s have been 1/10/100.