Analytics-like service that works with unity?

Is there any service similar to analytics that works with unity and possibly offers some more/custom tracking and stuff?

Either something that's already hosted or something you can host on your own server/web host.


another link about Google Analytics and unity:

GAMEhud is another service that provides game analytics to help you track your game (I am the co-founder). It automatically tracks a number of key game metrics that are important for games. We offer a Unity API wrapper that makes integration easy. It is a paid service, but we do offer a free trial. You can check it out at

There are multiple game analytics systems which have unity based APIs too and have custom events and much more features.
Playtomic, claritics are two of them. Most analytics systems use simple REST http calls so can be used using www but these ones have unity APIs
Playnomics also has an interesting system and the API is in work and will be released soon.

Try the TestFlight API. I think it used to be just for beta testing but expanded (“Testflight Live”) into analytics of finished apps.