Analytics points limits

We use Unity Analytics in our project and we want to send custom event every time that player do register (no parameter event). I understand that custom event has limits 1000 points per project and custom event without parameter equal to 1 point.
I can’t understand is the 1000 point limits is time dependent?
Is it reset sometimes or if our project reach to 1000 user that do registration we stop to received this event?

Unity no longer uses the points system for calculating limits.

The latest limits for analytics can be found here:

Hi @Dilmo,

The point limit is not time dependent, nor does it matter how many times an event is sent or how many users send it. Analysis points are currently only calculated based on the number and types of parameters in an event. (With a 0 parameter event being counted as 1 point, as you said). This is never automatically reset, but you do have the ability to disable an event you no longer want in the Event Manager, which will restore those points to you. Once you reach the 1000 point limit you will stop receiving any new custom events you’ve created since the limit was reached (you should continue to receive the custom events that were created before the limit was reached), until you disable some of the events in the Event Manager.

You can find out more info on these pages: and