Analytics showing inaccurate numbers

We're having trouble understanding the numbers shown on Unity Dashboard.

Monetization -> Project Overview -> Total Estimated Revenue shows no profits made from IAP

Analytics -> Dashboards -> Revenue shows $17 in IAP purchases.

This value is not reflected in our account balance, and we have a similar issues of completely different numbers when comparing Ads revenue.

Additionally, both Google Play Console and App Store Connect do not show these numbers either.

8932143--1224555--Revenue01.PNG 8932143--1224558--Revenue02.PNG

I'd understand if it showed as $0 in some places because it's not loading, but for random numbers like $17 to show up despite no actual purchases is concerning. I don't know if its just an error if money is being drained from the balance.

If there is this kind of spike in the Analytics revenue dashboards the evidence would lean towards a transaction event that was sent in with a real currency value.

You can check to see if this was the case by looking in the SQL data explorer for transaction events during that period.