And/Or Operator C#

Does anyone know what the and/or operator is?

You are probably asking about && and ||. You can use them to chain multiple conditions together, e.g.

if ((health > 50) && hasAmmunition)
   // Attack! (But only if we are healthy AND we have ammunition)


if (raining || snowing)
   // Too wet, will not go outside if it's raining, snowing or both

It’s basically:

false && false == false
false && true == false
true && false == false
true && true == true


false || false == false
false || true == true
true || false == true
true || true == true

How do I enter the || key without copy-pasting?

if your searching for an and/or statement, its best to simply use || since the if statement will work if atleast one of those things that you want is achieved.


if (x == y || a == b)
(do whatever)

if you use the β€œ||” statement, it will make sure that what you want to happen will happen because one or both of the conditions are attained.