Andoird logcat error GuiExtAuxCheckAuxPath:592: Null anb when running Unity AD.

Hi! I'm not sure if this is right place to ask, feel free to close thread or move it to the right section, but the mentioned error happens exactly when ad runs, thats why im posting here.

So, when i start a rewarded ad in my game via button andoird logcat gives a couple of same errors: GPUAUX [AUX]GuiExtAuxCheckAuxPath:592: Null anb. After that, once the video stops being shown and "intermission" screen appears, logcat starts being flooded with the same error dozens of times per second and then stops as soon as i close the ad.

I dont think I have noticed impact on the game so far, and ad reward is also being given out correctly but I'm afraid that it might lead to some unexpected bugs later down the line. Any ideas what might be the cause of it?

7617706--947008--187332-безымянныи1.png 7617706--947011--187331-screenshot-2021-10-11-05-37-10-989-compwaytimespac.jpg

I'm getting the same error on a TECLAST T40S Android Tablet. Unity 2022.3.0 LTS. Does anyone know anything about this. I am using Uniwebview 5 from the asset store.

Hi @gane1404 Sorry for the late reply. if you happened to see this message and still have this issue, Could you tell us your device model and OS version and your unityads SDK version as well?