Android 15 Unity Compatibility


I am developing an App for Android and the client asked me if there is compatibility with SDK 15. I guess they are refering to Android 15 ( currently in beta for developers.

Unity 2023.2.1f1

Is Unity supporting SDK 15? And if it so, how can I verify the app is working properly in this SDK?

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It depends what is meant by "compatible with".
The app built for older android does work on newer versions. It's only with Android 14 that Google started dropping support of very old versions with 6.0 being minimum allowed.
If you want to target Android 15, you need to launch sdkmanager or use custom sdk path with relevant platform installed, then this android version will show up in the drop down and you can try.

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First and foremost, apps built today with Unity should work with Android 15 once that version is released by Google. Most likelly, you would not have to do any change.

If you want to test targeting Android 15... we currently don't support targeting Android preview versions from the Editor. However, you can target any preview version of Android if you export your project into a Gradle project and open it with Android Studio.

Then on unityLibrary/build.gradle and launcher/build.gradle replace:

  • compileSdkVersion 34targetSdkPreview "VanillaIceCream"
  • targetSdkVersion 34compileSdkPreview "VanillaIceCream"

Once Android 15 is released, it will be available on the Editor to be able to use it as a Target SDK.

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Thanks for the reply!

Yes, but will it work properly?

Unity had issues with API 34 for at least 6 months (and maybe it still does, I don't know) after 34's release and Unity is always late with platform requirements and fixes to SDK issues.

Therefore I'm not sure why you are suggesting they try the new target SDK as it is released, when Unity has never ensured that new SDKs work right.

In fact when people complained that 34 wasn't working correct we were told by Unity that it's not a requirement by Google yet, therefore who cares <- the last part is my inference

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