[Android 4.0] TouchScreenKeyboard "hide - reopen" problem

Is there any way to Open again TouchScreenKeyboard after it was closed with “Hide keyboard” button? It reopens fine if keyboard was “closed” with “Enter” button. I am tring to reopen it with TouchScreenKeyboard.Open(“”); but i tried also other ways - non of them worked.
The problem occures only on Android devices. On iOS everything works fine - I can reopen keyboard either if it was closed by pressing “Enter” or “Hide keyboard”.
Is it known bug or am I missing something?

EDIT: I noticed that it reports TouchScreenKeyboard.visible to be true, after it was hidden by “Hide keyboard” button.

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Edit! I’ve changed the way I’ve done my workaround, so maybe it’ll be more effective for you!

I keep a reference in one of my classes to an instance of TouchScreenKeyboard:

private TouchScreenKeyboard keyboard = null;

in my Start(), I instanciate a keyboard:

keyboard = new TouchScreenKeyboard("", TouchScreenKeyboardType.Default, true, true, false, false, "");
keyboard.active = false;

then, when I want to ensure my keyboard is re-shown, I do:

keyboard.active = false;
TouchScreenKeyboard.Open("current text from text area", TouchScreenKeyboardType.Default, true, true, false, false, "");

I call that code when the user taps on an area that would be a text area. Something like this (pseudocode)

foreach (textarea t in alltextareas)
    if (Input.GetMouseDown(0) && t.MouseIsOver && t.IsClickable)

Surely there’s a better way, but I imagine it will require Unity to change how they interact with the keyboard API on ICS.

Good luck!