Android and standalone build - Unity 5 Bug!?

Hi i am using Unity 5,
i have got a toggle which enables/disables the fog. In the editor it works but in the android build it only works if the fog is enabled at beginning. Then i can enable and disable it! If it’s disabled at the beginning it doesn’t work at all!!??

That’s very weird because yesterday i made a build in which everything works. And today with not change any code to the toggle (i think) it doesn’t work…

Thanks in advance!:smiley:

In addition to this instianting toggles doesn’t work in the build (but in the editor!!). More precisely, instianting works but the toggle is not shown. All other UI is working!!

If i remote the app everything runs perfect!

Ok i solved it. The rotation of the toggle was incorrect. But i am still confused why it worked in editor…