Android app doesn't use GPU. Why?

I’m new to Unity. I’ve created a very simple game using Unity. It runs flawlessly on my PC but has really bad framerate on my Android device (Huawei Mediapad 10 Link). After figuring out how to debug my game I’ve found out that my game literally doesn’t use GPU. It uses only CPU. So it makes sense for my game to run with stable 60 fps on my PC because my PC’s CPU is a lot better than my device’s. I’ve tried tweaking PlayerSettings, Physics2D settings, Quality settings, device developer settings but it still runs with unstable 3 to 55 fps on my Android device. Any help?

I think that 0.0 ms on the GPU is a red herring. Unity profiler only supports certain GPUs and probably just doesn’t support the one in your tablet.

Right next to that 0.0 ms is a CPU reading that says 391 ms (or about 3 fps). It seems pretty clear that your game is CPU bound and you’re just doing way more 2D physics than your android CPU can support.