Android App Works On Unity Remote But Not When Downloaded On Phone

My android game that I made on Unity runs perfectly on Unity Remote 5, but crashes when I run it after downloading the android app bundle from the google play store. It shows a black screen for a second, then closes. From this information, what could be wrong with my app? Is there a difference between running my phone on Unity Remote 5 and from a downloaded version?

Hello @jiff3

The Unity remote application projects the editor on to your phones screen while also accepting input from that device. That means it basiclly still runs on windows (or whatever your platform of development is)

Your probelm most likely is some code or plugin that relys on a windows (or whatever your platform of development is) spesific component and because of that crashes as soon it is launched on android. Try to disable some code or plugin to track down were the error lies. I would also recommend going to the asset store and downloading a screen console ouput assset. It allows you to see the console on android on the screen, then hopefully an error will show up pointing to the script.

If now error shows up and deactivating everything doesnt help, then it could be that somehow your bundle code doesnt line up with the version nummber, your android manifest.xml has error itself in it or that somehow you managed to mess up the .apk without the google developer console noticing it.

To debug, I would recommend draging the .apk directly to your phone with an usb connection, so you dont have to wait every time until the new update is uploaded to the store.

I hope I could help, if something isnt clear feel free to ask :slight_smile:

the best wishes from switzerland