Android Asset Bundles used in the editor


I’m using asset bundles on an android project. no real trouble using them.
But for debugging purpose i need to open them in the editor. and i’ve then very stange behoviors.

GUI textures that are embedded in the budle have really stanges colors.
and many shaders doesn’t not work anymore.

On the device (samnsung galaxy note, S and S II) it works perfectly.

A work around is to build bundles designed for the web when debugging in the editor but it is very long to convert all my project asset when building them.

Have you met such behavior ?

Yes, asset bundles built for Android will typically have textures in the ETC format, which Android loves, but your PC/Mac won’t understand. Asset bundles are in the format that best suits the target platform. shows that Android asset bundles are only usable on Android.