Android audio lag issue, any way to reduce the lag?

In my game, I need to have shoot, hit, blast sound effect, and they are all less than 1 seconds. However, when the sound plays, it have lag on some specific devices.

HTC One M8: 0.4s lag

Samsung Galaxy S6: 0.4s lag

Samsung Galaxy S3: 0.4s lag

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: no lag

iPad Air: no lag

Any idea how to solve the problem?

I already tried the following:

AudioSettings, best latency;

All audio data are wav;

All audio data are imported and compressed as PCM;

All audio data are “decompress on load”;

AudioSources bypass all the effects;

There is a Android latency plugin, seems not working on new Unity, there is no sound at all;

There is another audio plugin, which have the same problem.

Try this one:
working fine for me, using with unity 5.