Android build crashes on startup

I’ve been developing a game for a long time now and everything was working fine, yesterday u made a new android build to test it but it starter crashing on startup when though the game is working without any error in the editor,
I tried changing the API level and nothing happened
I made a new empty project and tried to build it but it still crashed on startup before even displaying the splash screen even though the project wad empty
Can you please help me fix this problem
Thank you

What worked for me, for a similar problem, was turning off “Auto graphics API” under Android Player Settings > Other Settings, and then re-ordering the list of APIs so that OpenGLES2 is above OpenGLES3.

Had a similar problem in Unity 2019.3 - solved it by setting Release to “None” instead of “Proguard”
Project Settings > Player > Publishing Settings > Minify > Release

For me works: Unity/ Preferences and uncheck the option “Compress Assets on import” In my case the Unity crash on the load my PSD assets…

same problem here. it happens on adroid 6.0.1.
i think it’s a problem concerning permission but i cannot find something interesting in the logcat.