Android build error: "no matching function for call to Transform_set_parent"

D:\Unity\ProjectsFromGit\GitHubRepository\Mobile-Prototype\Prototype Platform Mobile\Library\Bee\artifacts\Android\il2cppOutput\cpp\GarmentButton.CharacterClothDataEcs.cpp(7765,3): error: no matching function for call to ‘Transform_set_parent_m9BD5E563B539DD5BEC342736B03F97B38A243234’
Transform_set_parent_m9BD5E563B539DD5BEC342736B03F97B38A243234(L_13, L_16, NULL);

I have this error, it appears at the generated code of ISystem that i set there Transform game object, in play mode everything works normal without errors, it happens only when i am trying to build the game.

How can i fix it?

Look into this code here

I suggest moving this code that deals with Transforms and GameObjects out of that ISystem into a managed SystemBase (SystemBase is much older than ISystem so should have less errors) to isolate and pinpoint source of this error to a single line.

Also, I have never written an ISystem that accesses GameObject-part of the engine. Are you sure you are doing the right thing there? What is it doing, some kind of GameObject to Entity or BlobAsset conversion?