Android build failing in the re-package resources

I’ve been trying to make some android games, but I can’t build it for test on my cell phone. The Error message in the console is the following:

Error building Player: CommandInvokationFailure: Failed to re-package resources. See the Console for details.
C:\Users\amaur\Desktop\sdk\build-tools\24.0.0\aapt.exe package --auto-add-overlay -v -f -m -J gen -M AndroidManifest.xml -S “res” -I “C:/Users/amaur/Desktop/sdk\platforms\android-24\android.jar” -F bin/resources.ap_




I’m using Unity 5.3.5f1 and the Android Studio for the SDK

See this similar thread: I'm only getting this error when I try to compile for Android phone. It handles compiling for Windows just fine. - Questions & Answers - Unity Discussions

To quote my answer:

There was an issue with Unity and
Android build tools v24.0.0 (on
Windows only, i believe). See this
similar question on the Unity forums
as well:

The solution is to update your Android
SDK installation (using the SDK
Manager). you should install a newer
version of build tools and the build
should run fine.