Android Build Not Working

I tried to build a game, but I kept getting this error:

Error building Player: Win32Exception: ApplicationName=‘C:/Users/Hpcs/AppData/Local/Android/sdk ools\zipalign.exe’, CommandLine=‘4 “C:\Users\Hpcs\Documents\MobileProjectTest\Temp/StagingArea/Package_unaligned.apk” “C:\Users\Hpcs\Documents\MobileProjectTest\Temp/StagingArea/Package.apk”’, CurrentDirectory=‘Temp/StagingArea’

What does it mean?

About a few months ago google has moved zipalign.exe to tools from build-tools… See install path of your android SDK and then go to the sdk/build-tools folder you will find zipalign.exe, if you copy this from that folder to sdk/tools, it ll build now…