Android Build Problems With Platform(s)

The last 2 weeks I’ve been having problem with my unity3d, I can’t build any project when I got it in Android Platform, I just get this annoying error messages:

Android SDK does not include any platforms! Did you run Android SDK setup to install the platform(s)?
Minimum platform required for build is Android 2.3 (API level 9)

I got the SDK installed but I still keep getting this messages… When I try to build an apk file they want me to select the android sdk root folder so I do but when I’ve selected it it just finish loading and opens my home directory ( D:\Users\Axel )
and no apk file have been created.

As I said, I got the sdk installed - I’ve re installed unity 3.4 x2 times - but I keep getting the same problem.

Anyone might have an solution?

Hmm, I found an answer when I was searching for this but I kinda have no idea what to do…

I finally resolved this issue tonight.

In short, the AndroidSdkRoot value in
the registry was not set to the actual
path of the SDK - it was empty. I was
kinda clued into this because Unity3D
would open my home directory in
Explorer. Once I set it, things seem
to come together.

Not sure why this value got out of
whack on one system, but I had updated
from several beta into release

I hope this solution is useful to

Where can I find the registry he’s speaking about?

This is an old topic but I think the correct answer is this:

You need only to download the APIs files. Open Android SDK(or other name)/sdk/tools and open the executable file named android. This will open a window. Select what you need to download ( select the newer API and SDK tools ) and click in Install packages…

If more people has this error, this video has the solution to this error.
It’s in spanish,but only you have to follow the steps he do.


Guys Try This One