Android build project freezes after 5 minutes with playerloop in profiler at 60,000 ms

I am Developing an android game ,Which just had 1 scene, All Was fine now was the time to test it on the device , so i builded the game using build and run with developement mode enabled and auto connect profiler enabled , and game runs fine , but after some time like 5 to 15 min the game freezes , so i starting disabling everything in my scene with building and running again and again , now everything in my scene is disabled , And just 1 camera 1 plane and a fps counter is enabled and still when i build and run my game freezes after 5-15 min of run on the android device one plus 3t , This is the screenshot of the profiler after the freezing happened. Unity 2019.3.8f1

this this is annoying me so much because now everything on the scene is disabled , with just a camera a plane and a frame counter

hey ;
then maybe the problem is the camera ?
also your profiler shows rendering is the probelm so maybe disable the camera and create another camera to check it out ;

also disabled objects are not always without any impact ; depends on the other scripts you may have they can be effective;

so better choice is movin objects to another scene 1 by 1 ;