Android build takes so long to load first scene due to audio tracks loading

Hi there, I am trying to build my game but it takes so long to load the first scene after showing me the unity logo. I watched the logcat and it is because of audio tracks, each audio takes sth like 1 sec to load. I have changed the settings for audio clips (for example I have changed preload audio data) but it seems to do nothing. My unity version is 2021.3.10.f1 LTS

I don’t know what’s problem with new unity version, this problem was solved when I changed my unity version and downgraded it to 2020 and opened the same project with that version. It might not be my unity installation bug because another co-worker has tested with his unity 2021 version too and it was buggy like mine too so I may consider this as a bug if I’m wrong please let me know.