android build tools component is not found

Unity editor 2022.1.24 with Android build support Option

When building on Android platform, “Android build-tools comnponent is not found. Make sure all tools are installed in the SDK managewr. Latest supported build-tools version is 30.0.3”

This issue was shown probably from the end of March 2023.
I have re-installed 2022.1.24 editor, but the error is not be solved.
The copy of android-30 folder from that latest downloaded by Andorid Sduio is ineffective for this issue.

Strangely, the same Project can be built by Unity2022.1.24 that installed on another PC,

I want to know how to handle this issue.

This issue has been resolved.
It seems that ADB was running and could not be deleted while uninstalling the editor.
After uninstalling the editor using UnityHub, I restarted the PC and manually deleted all the data left in the folder where the editor was installed.
After that, when I installed the editor with UnityHub, the error disappeared.