Android Building

I have the Android SDK and i have the java one as well and im trying to build a very simple app so i can see if i can get unity to build to android. The Project i am trying to build is a simple rotating 3d box. The error that its trowing me is this:

Exception:Error Building: Win32Exception:ApplicationName= "java.exe’ CommandLine='“C:/Program Files(x87)/Android/android-sdk ools” -classpath… and ALOT of other Lines

also when i try to build my app. it builds until it tries to find the android-sdk-windows file. Window says “Trying to locate Android SDK installation folder…” and then opens up a browse folder to let me manually locate it. When i do find it in continues the build and the Throws that error listed above.

Ive been working at this for hours now and cant find anything related to my problem. Some infp told me to go to the task manager and end task “java.exe”. but i dont even see “java.exe” on the list… i dont know what to do. Im lost… lol

Btw my phone is Rooted if that makes any differents. thanks alot for helping me.

Which jdk did you install? I had some ridiculous problems when trying to use jdk7. Also the 64 bit version is known to cause all kinds of trouble with Unity.