Android - Camera orientation

I’m new to Unity and I have some issues regarding the camera. I want the game to be in a portrait orientation, however I can’t seem to make the camera change its orientation from landscape to portrait. Any way to do this?

Hi @Milenchy

Welcome to Unity.

Sorry, But I didn’t get your question.
What I understand is You want your game in portrait mode But you dont know how to do this … M’I right ?
If yes then the answer to your question is do to build settings in **File → Build Settings **
A window will appear click on the Player settings button ( You should be in some of the other mode from Web, Xbox, Standalone Because these platform doesn’t support Landscape & Portrait, So ypu can choose any Mobile platform e.g. iOS, Android, BlackBerry

Now in inspector window open Resolution and presentation tab.
Then check mark the Portrait, Portrait Upside Down