Android| Camera scrolling

Hello everyone! I’m new to programming with android on unity. And I’m having a small issue.
What i want to happen is a smooth pan around the map. But with my current script it seems to not be smooth at all, it works but not the way i wanted it to. Here is my code

    public void moveMap()
        if(Input.touchCount == 1 && Input.GetTouch(0).phase == TouchPhase.Began)
            touchPos = Input.GetTouch(0).position;
        else if(Input.touchCount == 1 && Input.GetTouch(0).phase == TouchPhase.Moved && Input.GetTouch(0).phase != TouchPhase.Stationary)
            var newPos = Input.GetTouch(0).position;
            var movePos = (touchPos - newPos) * 0.1f * Time.deltaTime;

            transform.Translate(Mathf.Clamp( movePos.x, -0.5f, 0.5f), Mathf.Clamp(movePos.y, -0.5f, 0.5f), 0);

            transform.position = new Vector3(Mathf.Clamp(transform.position.x, minX, maxX), Mathf.Clamp(transform.position.y, minY, maxY), transform.position.z);

Here is a Gif of what i have now. i know a gif is not gonna represent what I’m feeling on my end but at least it gives you more of an explanation of what I’m trying to achieve.

Thanks everyone!

I found the answer! if anyone needs it, it’s right here!

     using UnityEngine;
     using System.Collections;
     public class Example : MonoBehaviour {
         public float speed = 0.1F;
         void Update() {
             if (Input.touchCount > 0 && Input.GetTouch(0).phase == TouchPhase.Moved) {
                 Vector2 touchDeltaPosition = Input.GetTouch(0).deltaPosition;
                 transform.Translate(-touchDeltaPosition.x * speed, -touchDeltaPosition.y * speed, 0);

Thanks all!