Android cannot play unity app

I have created an application.Its function is when camera detect image target the animation will play on the screen .When I test it in my pc , it is working well.I decide to deploy it into my android phone (Galaxy J2) , there is no warning error.But, when I open the application it just shows “powered by unity” and then it exits. I don’t know how to solve it. Is it possible that my animation is too large , but my sd card is 64 GB which must be enough.

Anyone could help me ? I am so depressed because this is my final project

thank you

@pimpannt Your system might be having following issue.

Lack of RAM:
Try to run a small animation in your application. If it runs and your actual animation crashes the app, most probably you have less RAM. I have read somewhere that you can have extra information layover in android which provides you information about the hardware/system. You can use the latter solution to exactly track your issue.

Best of luck for your Final Project. :slight_smile: