Android compatibility issue - white screen on Nexus 5X w/Marshmallow

I’m collaborating on a small Unity Augmented Reality app for education purposes. It uses Vuforia, but that doesn’t seem to be the issue.

When running the app on a Nexus 5X running an updated Marshmallow, it shows the Unity splash screen, then goes to a white screen. What it should show is a menu. The buttons still work, I can hear the background music and button sound effects, and I can access the Vuforia aspect with no issue, and the buttons in that are visible. In the AR screen, there is a button to return to the menu - this button works, and returns to the menu, which now appears as intended.

Conversely, this was tested on my collaborator’s android device, and on a spare ZTE T83 Telstra Dave, running Android 4.1.2, both working as intended. In addition, the Nexus 5X and T83 were using the same build.

Unity is 5.4.0f3, and Vuforia 5.

I have no idea what the issue could possibly be, and would appreciate some insight.

Some Android devices have compatability issues

I got one of them testing on my phone

Try to remove all the native plugins you have (Most of them don’t work properly)

Try to add the latest version of android

Try to use RAM freindly renderers and lighting

Use a minimum amount of particles

Try experimenting with the materials or textures