Android Controls Help!

Okay so I’m extremely new to Unity, so new that I have decided to use the included squares (this is a 2D game) as sprites because I cannot import pictures without them being blurry.

Anyway, my game Is very simple and I need help with some basic collisions and controls:

SO, I wanted to be able to move my square left and right but it cannot stop so the difficulty is increased. Touching the left side of the screen makes it go left and the right side is the same.

When the square hits another square I want a message saying “game over!” to appear and you have to restart the game somehow.

I know I am asking for a lot but I am terrible at coding. Any help would be super appreciated!


Hello ShazBang, it seems you are soo new that you don’t know the unity answers is for.

Members here don’t help you write code from scratch.

Please check the Unity answers tutorial video: here

I know, I have no idea how to code, I can barely do SmallBasic.

I will try to learn it again over the end of year holidays, but thanks for the replies.