Android crash while loading


I really don’t know where to search toward…
Can anyone read any diagnostic info from my logcat log file?

Build and Run on Android device: Unity Splash screen appears on device, but after a few seconds it crashes. This app was OK yesterday, I added some C# code textures etc.
I carefully examined the debug build logcat log. My code has not even chance to run, the crash happens before…
Note: No Mono runtime exception in logcat log.

  • It works fine in Unity editor.
  • Again: It worked fine, with the same settings yesterday. More: The yesterday’s backup still working today, if I rebuild, deploy to the same device. This today’s version (I’ve added textures, code etc) which is not working on the device.

See the log attached.

Don’t know where to search toward… :frowning:
Thx for help

Download logcat log file

I had problems when I checked the Static box on the objects. It worked again after uncheking it.