Android Device Heating Problem


My app frame-rate is always above 30 and batches is max - 45.But after running app on android phone battery is 50% consumed after 45 min and phone heating.

Please share your feedback how i identify the problem.

In a more general direction on what to make better for optimized performance you have two sides to consider.
The graphic side with a reduction of polygons texture sizes max gameobject count and animations. And everything i have forgotten to list to optimize GPU usage.
The script side with everything that uses the CPU. Here you need to reduce function calls per frame
When you fully use a mobile CPU or GPU, it gets warm and then it gets hot. When the temperature reaches at certain level, the hardware automatically decreases the max speed of the hardware until the temperature cools down.
You dont know why your games causing heat problem then simplest way is to use profiler.

you can remove heating problem by using

  • Optimizing graphics performance
    Graphics Optimization
  • Unity allows you to set the level of
    graphical quality it will attempt to
    render. Generally speaking, quality
    comes at the expense of framerate and
    so it may be best not to aim for the
    highest quality on mobile devices or
    older hardware since it will have a
    detrimental effect on gameplayQualitySettings

Another big point is to prevent stuffing code into update().
Only put necessary code like input control and other stuff that needs to react and update on each frame during the scripts whole lifetime into update().
Everything else should be done with coroutines and events/delegates.

Yes i have experience the same too to my android mobile. Hope some one fixes it and reduce the app cache data for better performance.