Android Downloading Packages Online

Hey Unitarians!

In my Android game, I want to add music, but I realize that music takes a lot of mb, and android users like APKs with the least size possible. So, I wanted to add a feature where my users can download music files online if they wish.

How would I do this? I want it so that when my users click the button, the app permanently downloads the music files (where should I store them? Dropbox?) and then puts the music files in a folder. Then I want my system to play whatever files are in that folder. How would I do this?

This link seems to have some pretty good answers: - Save audio and video file in SQL Server database - Stack Overflow

Good question by the way. I didn’t think music files would be a big deal in terms of space.

Depending on how much music you are thinking of, I’d recommend packing them into the game.

Alternatively you can download music at run-time using Asset Bundles.
But this is a Pro Only feature.

You could create these at build-time and upload them to your web server.
Then at run-time download or load from cache with WWW.LoadFromCacheOrDownload