Android Failled to Install


I have a project ready and I’m having trouble making the build that will be published.

This question is for Android.

The game runs fine when in the inspector, in player settings, I set the key to debug. But when I create a key and try to install it on my device, I get a sign that says “Application not installed”

I’ve been ALL OVER the internet looking for the answer that helps me… not found it.

Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

flamy, especially for you:

  1. Create a CCL:

  2. Create a keystore:

  3. Import project in Eclipse.

  4. Create file in Eclipse named “AndroidManifest.xml” and add permissions you want:
    Manifest.permission  |  Android Developers

  5. Export *.apk

  6. Publish

  7. Thumbs up for Arpian, mr. Pro Gamer…