Android GAME Crashes After Splash Screen

I have no idea why, but my android game crashes on my SAMSUNG GALAXY S 2 after the unity splash screen. I looked at the logcat and I have no idea what it means I’m going to post the raw logcat.



I noticed this line in the logcat which most likely is leading to your build failure:

Invalid serialized file version. File: "/data/app/com.Miguel.
aeer-2.apk/assets/bin/Data/mainData". Expected version: 3.5.0f1. Actual version:

After some searching, it appears this message shows up when the Unity application file / .exe gets modified out of its expected version information, meaning you have patched Unity, I’m assuming, in an attempt to hack it.

Sorry, but no help for you there bud. Go buy a license.

Your pastebin link has been removed. Take a webplayer build or a pc build and try playing the game. If it still crashes there is problem in your code. Else there maybe a problem in your keystore file. Happend to me. If you have multiple systems take the build in someother system with proper keystore.