Android game crashs with Nougat (7.0)

My game has been run fine on Galaxy S7 under Android 6.x. After the last Android 7.0 update there are a lot of random crashes. How has the same problem and maybe some tips for solution or a starting point to tackle the problem?

Hi… I am designing my game using Unity and have no errors… Ever since my Android 7’s software was updated to Nougat one of my games has been crashing every time… The game works perfectly on my old phone which has lollipop installed… and it works on my Android Tablet which also has lollipop… I tried the same game on my sisters phone which has Nougat and it crashes… I have other game apps I am designing that play without crashing on my android with Nougat… I have concluded that Nougat is crashing my game… Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can fix this problem? Is there a way to check for errors on the galaxy phone?

I’m having the same problem, and old game I made runnes fine on everything except for the NEW phones with android 7, plays the splash and then crash… and my new game plays after the splash and the main menu, but after playing the opening video it crashes, playig using remote it plays without any problems showing on console using.