android game slower on pc than on mobile

Hello everyone! i’m developing a 3d android game and till now i haven’t encountered particular problems. Yesterday i added to the game a 3d model i had created in 3ds max and now the game is running at a real low fps (3-4 fps) on the game panel in Unity. The 3d model has less polygons and vertices than other models i already had added to the game. And the strangest fact is that when i build and run the game on my (really old and low-end!) mobile phone it runs smoothly without any problems. Obviuosly my pc is something like dozens times faster an more powerful than the mobile phone, so why this happens? Should i ignore the fact or the low fps problem could happen on different (and more powerful) mobile devices?

yes, it says !IsNormalized (normal) what does it mean?

It seems the log produces lots of messages as suggested.

Regarding the error itself:
it could be that your camera’s max clipping plane is way to high. Try lowering it and see if that helps for starters.

I finally found a solution! yes, the problem was with lights and camera clipping but i needed large dimensions so i tried to change the spot lights with directional lights and now everything works fine!