Android Glitch - random assets display after splash screen

After the splash screen on android I get a quick view of a couple of random assets (GUI.Textures) from a different scene which shouldn’t even be loaded.

They seem to be positioned correctly according to their scene (though it doesn’t seem to load any of the other objects from that scene).
I get the same problem on both of our test devices.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I had a look but it’s hard to even know what to search for.


First time user, my bad! ><

I had been using my own scene organisation code (which checked for different objects such as the account manager and returned to the load scene if they weren’t loaded).

Because of this I had falsely assumed that the game built from the current loaded scene and had never noticed scene order (which I remembered reading after><).

Answer -
The wrong scene (0) was loading and a couple of it’s assets were being displayed before it returned to the load scene. Strangely I didn’t have this problem in web/editor or on iPhone or it would have been obvious early in development.
In fact I didn’t even really consider that my original stuff was wrong because of this:P

Thanks to Hiroki Omae-san!